Disability Services

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project welcomes children with disabilities into our program. If a child enrolls already diagnosed with a disability, we work with therapists and service providers to ensure Head Start continues to work towards the child's growth and development. If a child enrolls without a disability, we remain mindful that children can present with disabilities as they develop and partner with local school systems and early intervention programs to ensure any child who is suspected of having a disability after enrollment receives the services they need so they can develop to their full potential.

Each of our centers has a Disability Services Coordinator that oversees that center's disability program. The Disability Services Coordinators identify children with concerns to refer to the local agency that serves that child. Disability Services Coordinators work with the local service provider to ensure services continue for children who are already identified and work with the Education Coordinator to ensure the child is fully included and engaged in classroom activities and routines to the best of their ability by working with the teachers to modify and adapt activities and routines.

Our Disability Services Manager helps develop the policies and procedures for serving children with disabilities in Head Start. These policies and procedures are contained in our Disability Services Management Manual and are based on legislation in the Head Start Act, regulations in the Head Start Program Performance Standards, and best practices. The Disability Services Manager also works with each of our centers to ensure that classroom planning is inclusive of children with disabilities, including making modifications and adaptations so that children with disabilities are fully engaged to the best of their ability.

If you have any questions about disability services at East Coast Migrant Head Start Project, please contact Tabitha Shelton, Disabilities/Mental Health Manager, at tshelton@ecmhsp.org.


East Coast Migrant Head Start Project is committed to preparing the children of migrant and seasonal farm workers for success.  We do this by providing holistic, high quality early childhood education services for children and families in a nurturing, culturally sensitive environment and by providing services and advocating for children and families in their other areas of need.

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