Early Childhood Education Services

Learning should be a joyful experience for a young child, a time filled with proud smiles and expanding abilities. It should be a time when children develop a life-long love of learning and receive a strong foundation for future academic success. For bilingual migrant children, it should also be a time when they build pride about who they are and where they come from as well as competency in both their home and second languages.

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project's early education services are designed to put each child we serve on a path to school success. Our culturally-responsive curriculum targets the language, literacy, and other school readiness skills of older toddlers and preschoolers in each of their languages. For our infants and young toddlers, learning is nurtured through warm relationships with responsive teachers who understand each child's style and rate of learning.


We measure our own performance as educators through regular assessments of the children's skills. This analysis of children's progress is used to continuously refine our curriculum and other educational practices to ensure our dual language children enter school ready to excel.

Finally, we know that the best indicator of future academic success is the presence of parents who are engaged in their child's learning. Though our families face many life challenges, they appreciate the critical importance of education for their children. Our staff work in respectful partnerships with families to identify educational goals for their children, and then provide the support, resources, and information families need to help achieve these goals.

For more information on the educational services provided by East Coast Migrant Head Start Project, please contact Consuellis Hawkins-Crudup, School Readiness Manager, at consuellis@ecmhsp.org.


East Coast Migrant Head Start Project is committed to preparing the children of migrant and seasonal farm workers for success.  We do this by providing holistic, high quality early childhood education services for children and families in a nurturing, culturally sensitive environment and by providing services and advocating for children and families in their other areas of need.

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Telephone: (800) 655-6831     Email: information@ecmhsp.org

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