Nutrition Services

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project understands that young children learn and develop best when their nutritional needs are met. For this reason, we offer comprehensive nutrition services to the children we serve.

Our nutritional services begin with an assessment of the diets and nutritional habits of all children as they enroll in our program. If we are concerned that a child's dietary needs are not being met, we provide educational information to the child's parents and if appropriate, refer the family to local community agencies with the expertise and resources to help.

In addition, every child receives a minimum of two meals and one snack each day that the child attends one of our Head Start centers. These meals and snacks are carefully planned with our parents to include healthy and nutritious foods that supply at least one-third of a child's dietary needs for that day. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring the meals and snacks that we serve are culturally sensitive and most importantly, delicious to the child's young taste buds.

While attending one of our Head Start centers, children participate in nutrition activities on a weekly basis. These curriculum-based nutrition activities offer a hands-on approach to teaching food preparation and food safety while incorporating learning domains.


Of course, we also recognize that healthy eating begins at home. That is why parent nutrition education is crucial to the program. Parents participate in education trainings on topics such as how to plan healthy meals, shopping on a budget, and the benefits of breast feeding. We also train our employees on nutrition topics such as modeling healthy meals to the children, food safety during food preparation, and how to conduct a nutrition assessment.

If you have any questions concerning our nutrition services, please do not hesitate to contact Anteasha Farrell, Nutrition Manager, at


Please click here to read our USDA nondiscrimination statement in English and Spanish.


East Coast Migrant Head Start Project is committed to preparing the children of migrant and seasonal farm workers for success.  We do this by providing holistic, high quality early childhood education services for children and families in a nurturing, culturally sensitive environment and by providing services and advocating for children and families in their other areas of need.

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