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Dr. Abel Moreno

Dr. Abel Moreno

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Abel Moreno is a distinguished member of the Board of Directors and a dedicated academic professional. He serves as a full tenured professor and chairs the Department of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics. Dr. Moreno has held the position of department chair since 1999, with his responsibilities primarily revolving around administrative duties, alongside an annual teaching commitment in the field of Quantitative Methods/Business Analytics.

His scholarly work has made significant contributions to the fields of Management Science, particularly in the application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), as well as Information Systems education. His research has been published in prestigious academic journals, including Managerial and Decision Economics, International Journal of Production Research, American Journal of Management, and the Journal of Information Systems Education.

Dr. Moreno's association with the East Coast Migrant Head Start Project Board of Directors dates back to the beginning of 2019. He originally came to the United States from Monterrey, Mexico, as a Systems Engineer to pursue graduate studies at North Dakota State University. His extensive background in information technology has enabled him to create valuable opportunities for students, facilitating their studies and internships in Mexico and Central America.

He strongly believes in the significance of education, particularly in the early years, as an essential component of achieving the American Dream. This belief motivated him to become involved with ECMHSP's Board of Directors, where he seeks to make a positive impact in the field of education.

For Dr. Moreno, being part of the board has provided an opportunity for self-reflection, a reconnection with his Mexican heritage, and a chance to appreciate the importance of family, friends, and the cultural aspects that define his identity. He values the relationships he has built throughout his life, the traditional food that represents his cultural heritage, and the contributions of those who have opened doors and created opportunities for him and others to thrive in the United States. Dr. Abel Moreno's dedication to education and his commitment to the mission of ECMHSP make him an invaluable member of the Board of Directors.

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