About Us...

The Beginning of East Coast Migrant Head Start Project

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project was established in 1974, through a grant to the Leadership of Christian Women, to provide services to migrant farmworkers and their children. Under the leadership of Sister Geraldine O’Brien, Head Start centers were opened along the east coast and mid-west of the United States to ensure continuity of services as families migrated to work in agriculture. Today, ECMHSP operates at 47 centers and serves 2,653 children annually.

Our Model

We directly provide services in forty-seven Head Start centers in the areas of Alabama, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia. In areas where East Coast Migrant Head Start Project lacks a local presence, we partner with delegate agencies, that are other non-profit organizations, which deliver services to the same high standards as we do. Roughly two-thirds of the 2,653 children we are funded to serve are taught and cared for through our direct service model and a third are taught and cared for through our delegate agency model.

Our Funding

Most of our funding is derived from a ongoing grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services. We are very thorough on our stewardship of these federal funds very seriously. Each year, an external auditor reviews our fiscal policies and audits our financial records, to ensure that all costs charged to our federal grant are appropriate and allowable. During a five year cycle, our funding agency does a comprehensive review of our operations with special attention to our fiscal activity to ensure we meet the needs of the families we are funded to serve. We, of course, welcome the financial support of private donors.