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Transportation Services

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project (ECMHSP) Transportation Department provides safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services to children, parents, and staff in support of ECMHSP’s mission. We accomplish this goal by working closely with Regional and Center staff during the planning and routing process.  Our Transportation Department is committed to the following:

  • Enforcing safety standards which conform to Federal, State, and local regulations

  • Ensuring an integrated transportation process that maximizes services for families

  • Developing and updating school bus routes that best meet family and center needs

  • Conducting trainings for all ECMHSP fleet drivers: bus drivers, bus monitors, and center staff 

  • Scheduling maintenance and repairs for all ECMHSP fleet vehicles

  • Coordinating the purchase of all new vehicles with Operations and Finance Departments

If you have any questions concerning our transportation services, please contact Akeya Barrett, Assistant Transportation Manager,

"Providing services and transporting our migrant children, to and over the rainbow (our centers), to provide them the tools
so they have a decent life experience, and be able to live with dignity."  
~ Maria C. Garza Chief Executive Director 

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