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Early Childhood Education Services

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project's early education services are designed to put each child we serve on a path to school success. Our comprehensive curriculum for all age groups is enhanced by parent input and culturally and linguistically supplemental resources which outline developmentally appropriate strategies for supporting dual language learners.

We want learning to be a joyful experience for every child, so our highly professional educational staff intentionally:

  • Establish nurturing warm positive relationships

  • Observe to understand each child's style and rate of learning

  • Build a sense of community in the classroom

  • Engage in respectful partnerships with families to identify educational goals, provide support and resources

  • Conduct regular assessments of the children's skills that focus on five school readiness domains

  • Refine our curriculum and dual language learning practices to ensure children enter school ready to excel

For more information on the educational services provided by East Coast Migrant Head Start Project, please contact Consuellis Hawkins-Crudup, Director of Early Learning, at

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