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Esperanza Gamboa

Member of the Board of Directors

Esperanza Gamboa is a dedicated professional who holds the role of Director of Outreach and Eligibility at MCR Health Services. Prior to this position, she served as the Director of the Adult and Youth Migrant Programs at the Manatee County School District. Her career has been marked by a profound commitment to advocating for migrant workers and improving their quality of life and workplace safety.

Since 1998, Esperanza Gamboa has taken on the responsibility of supervising over 36 grants funded by the federal government and private donors. In this capacity, she has coordinated advocacy groups, delivered national presentations, and led public relations campaigns. Notably, she has established numerous coalitions with faith groups, legislators, and Chambers of Commerce, all aimed at creating grassroots campaigns and partnerships to benefit migrant families and minority workers in Manatee County.

Esperanza Gamboa's dedication and tireless efforts in her field were recognized with the 2005 Award of Excellence from the National Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs.

Her educational background is diverse, encompassing a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from National-Louis University, a Master's Degree in Russian Language and Literature from Volgograd University in Russia, and a Journalism degree from Oriente University in Cuba. She also holds a K-12 professional teaching certificate in Russian and Spanish from Florida and is currently engaged in learning Arabic.

Ms. Gamboa's leadership is characterized by her compassion, understanding, and appreciation for the communities she serves. Over the past fifteen years, she has been unwavering in her dedication to empowering minorities and ensuring they have a voice in the mainstream media. Currently, she hosts a local TV program that raises awareness of Latino issues in Florida and contributes to the editorial page of a prominent Hispanic magazine. In 2012, she published her first book titled "Alma Desnuda," further contributing to the enrichment of cultural discourse and advocacy in her community.

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