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A Warm “Thank You” from the Sunshine State

Dear Reader,

As ECMHSP looks back at the many accomplishments of 2018, one word comes to mind: gratitude.

ECMHSP is so grateful for our dedicated staff and hardworking families at each of our offices and Head Start centers.  They are the heartbeat of our organization — from the administrative offices in Raleigh, all the way down to our centers in Florida, where we have, once again, opened the doors at our centers to provide high-quality and comprehensive Head Start services to farmworker families.

Christine Alvarado, Chief Innovation Officer, accompanied me to visit the Florida Direct Service Regional staff the week of December 16, as they held the region’s annual staff development and recognition meeting at the ECMHSP Stuart and Bartow regional offices.  We had the opportunity to congratulate staff as they were recognized for completing their certificates, degrees and years of service. Each site had around 150 members in attendance.

During the visits, Christine provided an in-depth informational update on the ECMHSP Strategic Plan for the years 2018 to 2023. The Strategic Plan’s goals and objectives, timeline and individuals who will be responsible for completing the objectives were presented and shared with the groups, in addition to, the importance and significance of the plan.  Staff were reminded how everyone has an important role in the implementation of the strategic plan, and how together, we can accomplish the goals we set for the benefit of the families we serve.

I was given the opportunity to provide an update on this past year’s many accomplishments as well as the current events taking place at ECMHSP.  Additionally, I shared the Project’s exciting future outlook. We have many new opportunities and partnerships coming up in 2019!  I was especially grateful for the opportunity to personally thank the staff for their hard work, dedication and commitment to working with the parents and children, and assuring the mission of East Coast was at the forefront of their work every day. This is who we are. This is what we do.


Dr. Jose Villa and Christine Alvarado with ECMHSP staff and special guest, Santa.

There was lots of joy, happiness and excellent food shared with and by everyone as we celebrated our staff and families. We even had a special visit from a jolly old friend, Santa.

I want to close out 2018 by sharing a warm THANK YOU from the ECMHSP Family to yours.  While there is so much to be grateful for, there is also much work still to be done.  We look forward to our continued partnership in the new year, where together, we can continue the important work of preparing our children of farmworker families for success.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous year ahead!

Sincerely, Dr. Jose S. Villa Chief Executive Officer at East Coast Migrant Head Start Project

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