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Happy Trails to you, Floria!

Floria and ECMHSP child

At East Coast Migrant Head Start Project, we greatly appreciate those individuals who dedicate their professional careers to serve our farmworker families.  Floria Pacheco became part of the ECMHSP family in 1986.  After 31 years of dedicated service to farmworker families, she has retired.  We are grateful for all the years that she’s been a leader with us.

We recently were able to chat with Floria about her time with ECMHSP.

How did you begin your career at ECMHSP?

In November 1986, I saw a job advertisement to work at the Shannon Head Start Center in Belle Glade, Florida. I started as a part-time office assistant and part-time caregiver. Two months later, I was encouraged to apply for the Assistant Director position and got it. I was the Assistant Director for 15 years. I later became the Director for the ECMHSP Ft. Pierce Center for a year, then spent another 15 years at the ECMHSP Indiantown Center as the Director.

What is your fondest memory at ECMHSP?

Working with the families and the children. Seeing the growth of the children as time passes by.

Throughout all these years, how did you maintain strong relationships with ECMHSP staff?

I have a very friendly personality, so that helped me build strong relationships with my colleagues. I’m also an open communicator.

What will you miss the most about working for ECMHSP?

Helping the children and the families. Serving East Coast’s mission.

What was the most difficult part about your decision to retire?

Leaving the children and the ECMHSP staff.

What advice would you give to a new employee at ECMHSP?

Work very hard and multi-task. Be sensitive to the different cultures of our farmworker families.

What do you look forward to now that you’re retiring?

I was born in Costa Rica, so I will travel there for a month to visit my family, then I will go to Texas to visit two of my kids. I look forward to spending more time with my seven grandkids.

Floria and kids
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