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Marietta College Students Give Back to ECMHSP

On Sunday, March 10, East Coast Migrant Head Start Project staff hosted students from Marietta College, located in Marietta, Ohio.  They arrived at the ECMHSP Whiteville Center for their service trip to help with cleaning up after Hurricane Florence.  This trip was made possible in collaboration with Church World Service staff, Krista Camp and Kim Powell.

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Marietta College volunteers get familiar with the Head Start services we offer our migrant and seasonal farmworker families. 

Cathy Cobb, ECMHSP Whiteville Center Director, gave them a warm welcome and a presentation on who ECMHSP is to familiarize all volunteers with the Head Start services offered to the migrant and seasonal farmworkers in our program.  A light breakfast and lunch were provided to the volunteers, which worked hard to beautify our center.


Our Marietta College volunteers work hard to clean our ECMHSP Whiteville Center.

ECMHSP would like to send a special thanks to our volunteers for all their hard work:  David Erzen, Raynne Parsons, Abbey McNaught, Embrey Roberts, Janice Yao, Emily Brown, Hannah Miller, Alex Blackston, Carter Lang, Lisa Scott, and Maribeth Saleem-Tanner.  As a token of our appreciation for their hard work, we presented the Marietta College volunteers with copies of our preschool book, “De mano a mano y del campo al plato – From Hand to Hand and from Field to Fork.”

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Left to right: Amanda Powell, Early Childhood Education Coordinator, Jenny Guzman, NCDS Head Start Administrator, Cathy Cobb, Whiteville Center Director, and Mia Morris, Health Disability Services Specialist.

ECMHSP has worked with college volunteers to help improve our MSHS centers.  We look to grow our partnerships with different colleges and universities around the country.  If your college or university would like to support ECMHSP through volunteer work, please contact your local Head Start center.  Click here to view the different locations on our website.

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