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More than a Decade of Service to Farmworker Families

Maria Rodriguez loves the work that she does as the Governance Assistant at East Coast Migrant Head Start Project in the Florida Direct Services – West Regional Office. Read our interview with Maria in celebration of National Farmworker Awareness Week 2021.

What significance does National Farmworker Awareness Week have to you?

The responsibility to share information from farmworkers. I was a farmworker for almost 10 years and feel honored to share this important part of my life with others.

How did you start your career with ECMHSP?

I started my career with ECMHSP in 2005. I was a former parent. I also served on the Policy Council for three years as Secretary and President. ECMHSP made me realize that education is the most powerful tool that you can leave your kids.

In your current role, what have been your main contributions to the farmworker community?

I have been working in the ECMHSP Governance Department for almost 13 years. It is my pleasure work with parents serving on the Policy Council to become leaders in their communities. My job also includes providing governance orientation at the center and regional level. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Indiana, a new ECMHSP service area starting this summer. We helped inform the community about the high-quality Head Start services we will be providing.

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