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New Beginnings!

Building on last year’s use of technology to continue advancing our mission of preparing our children for public school, East Coast Migrant Head Start Project continues to innovate. Today, we are proud to unveil our newly redesigned website, which provides a more user-friendly experience and features updated information about our organization. Our community will look at our website as a destination point for early childhood educational resources, Head Start success stories, and opportunities to get involved with our mission-driven work.

Our new website has been updated in English and Spanish. All sections are now mobile friendly for those using smartphones and tablets. ECMHSP parents will be able to access a new resource section just for them with education information. ECMHSP parent testimonial videos will be available so that the public can learn more about how our Head Start program transformed them into parent leaders and advocates. Another important addition is our leadership section, which includes Board Members, Chiefs, and Senior Management information. The news/media section contains our press releases and media stories. We look forward to continuing to build more media relationships and community partnerships throughout our service areas. As we continue to embrace technology to help us reach more families engaged in agricultural work, there is a new pre-application option to start the enrollment process for children at our Head Start centers. Most importantly, there is now a COVID-19 resources section that is broken down state by state for our families to stay informed on the latest developments. We know this will help us fight against the lack of credible information among our community, especially in their own native language.

Make sure to check back at least once a month to see our Board Member, Policy Council, and parent story highlights. You will easily find these stories on our new blog without having to visit another website. We hope you enjoy our new website. Please send us your feedback, we would love to keep improving.

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