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Sherrie Rudick

Member of the Board of Directors

Sherrie Rudick is a distinguished member of the Board of Directors with an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the field of early childhood education, Head Start, and home visiting. She is recognized as a subject matter expert in these areas and has held various significant roles throughout her professional journey.

Ms. Rudick has direct operational experience working with a large migrant and seasonal Head Start grantee, providing her with invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by these programs. Additionally, she served as a senior training and technical assistance specialist at the National Center of Program Management and Fiscal Operations. In this role, she co-authored important publications and delivered training on program management for Head Start, Early Head Start, and Head Start child care partnerships. She also played a pivotal role as the project lead and lead developer for Data in Head Start and Early Head Start, as well as Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey. These are two interactive, self-directed online training programs designed for Head Start staff.

Beyond her expertise in program management, Sherrie Rudick boasts a strong background in early childhood education. She is a co-author of "The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos," a widely utilized curriculum in Early Head Start, and "The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care." Currently, she works as a product developer at Education Development Center (EDC), where she contributes to the technical assistance centers for the federal home visiting program and the national center on health, behavioral health, and safety.

Sherrie Rudick's career journey has provided her with a multifaceted perspective on early childhood education. She began her professional journey as a teacher and later served as a child care center director and state licensing specialist. She gained a national perspective while working for Child Development Services for the Department of the Army and developed an in-depth understanding of Head Start during her tenure with ECMHSP and the American Institutes for Research (AIR). She continued to refine her skills in writing, instructional design, and training during her time with Teaching Strategies, where she contributed to the conceptualization, development, and implementation of multi-day training institutes for leaders, managers, and direct services staff. Additionally, she was the project lead and lead author of Teaching Strategies' "eCDA program," an innovative approach to meeting educational requirements for the CDA Credential. At ZERO TO THREE, she served as the program manager on the Early Head Start for Family Child Care project, an ARRA-funded initiative overseen by the Office of Head Start and the Office of Child Care.

Sherrie Rudick's wealth of knowledge and extensive experience make her a valuable asset to the Board of Directors, contributing to the advancement of the East Coast Migrant Head Start Project's mission and goals.

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