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Promoting Parent Engagement at East Coast


One such dedicated parent is Gloria Castillo, who has been an ECMHSP parent for five seasons.  She was born in Queretaro, Mexico, and has lived in the United States since 2005.  Gloria has almost 10 years of experience working in the fields.  She’s proud to say that three of her four kids have had the opportunity to attend the ECMHSP Faison Center in North Carolina.


Gloria visits the ECMHSP Faison Center and meets Dr. Bergeron, Director of the Office of Head Start.

When we asked Gloria what the most important service that ECMHSP has offered her family, she says, “Health services is the greatest blessing from this program.  The ECMHSP staff is always on top of all vaccinations and routine exams.”  Two years ago, her daughter Leslie was thoroughly evaluated by the ECMHSP staff that focuses on disabilities.  They diagnosed Leslie with a speech impairment and immediately helped set up weekly therapy sessions.  Today, Leslie is doing much better and is a stronger communicator.


Gloria Castillo’s greatest treasures!

Gloria has been challenged to grow in ways she never thought possible.  She’s currently serving as the ECMHSP Faison Center’s President of the Parent Committee, an honor that she’s had for two consecutive years.  Her responsibilities include coordinating monthly parent meetings and attending training with the help of the center’s director.  Since she’s done such a great job leading the Parent Committee, she was also elected to be a part of the ECMHSP Policy Council since August 2017.  In the near future, Gloria hopes to start ESL classes that are offered by ECMHSP’s community partners.

While we proudly serve the needs of farmworker families across seven states, we recognize all that we benefit from their service as well.  We thank Gloria for being one of our superstar parents!

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