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Two Decades of Serving Farmworker Families

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We have many employees who dedicate their lives to serve our farmworker families.  Mireya Garcia has been with ECMHSP since 1999.  Please keep reading to learn more about her story at our ECMHSP Fountain Center, located in North Carolina.

Could you please tell me about your background?

My name is Mireya Garcia.  I was born in Mexico City, Mexico.  I came to the United States of America at the age of 16.  I am a U.S. Citizen.

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Mireya, her husband and son are pictured having fun outdoors. This picture was taken at the ECMHSP Fountain Center. 

How did you begin your career at ECMHSP?

In 1999, I enrolled my three boys into the Head Start program.  At the time, my husband and I worked in tobacco, sweet potatoes, cucumber, and nursery plants.  Later that year, one of the teachers informed me of an open position, so I applied and was called to begin my career at ECMHSP.

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Why did you want a career at ECMHSP?

I had a tough job working in the fields and wanted a stable home.  My husband and I settled in Farmville to raise our family.  I wanted a career and not a job.  Every year I get to form new relationships with new families and children.  I enjoy every moment as I am taking care of each child.

Is there anything unique you would like to share about this center?

All teachers at the Fountain Center have been with ECMHSP for five seasons or more.  Our families work with tobacco and sweet potatoes.

Throughout these years, how have you maintained strong relationships with ECMHSP staff?

Every year before I begin my first day, I pray to God to bless me with consideration and patience for each of my co-workers.

How do you maintain strong relationships with parents?

Communication is key to building healthy relationships with parents.  Getting to know each parent is important.  The best time to build a relationship is during parent orientation.  Home visits and parent teacher conferences help me to continue getting to know the parents.  Also, during drop-offs and pick-ups I greet every parent that comes.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome in your position?

Going back to school to obtain my Associate Degree.  Also obtaining my CDA credentials were tough for me to overcome.

We want to thank Mireya for her commitment to serving our farmworker families!  It’s because of mission-driven leaders like her that our migrant and seasonal farmworker children successfully transition into public school.

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