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What’s in Our New Logo?

On Monday, we unveiled our new brand identity!  Since our start in 1974, East Coast Migrant Head Start Project had undergone many changes to its mission and the services it provides farmworker families.  However, just like our commitment to farmworker families, our visual brand had stayed the same.  We needed a logo that better represented our values as an organization.

Logo components

The new logo visually leverages some of the most important elements of our overall mission for our parents, teachers, and staff.  As you can see, the construction of each element and icons in the logo has a different meaning, created from the great values that define us, the communities we serve, and our mission.  Here, we represent farmworker families and the importance of their work, growth, love, unity, care, education, and overall, hope for a better future for their children.  The open book represents the hopeful future that our Head Start program provides to thousands of kids every year.  Most importantly, the center of our new logo represents who we serve.

While East Coast Migrant Head Start Project has changed its “look”, our commitment to serving migrant and seasonal farmworker families remains the same.  We are proud of this new look and feel for ECMHSP!  We are confident our farmworker families will also embrace our new brand identity.  Thank you for your support!

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